Badkonake sefid

My mum,
handed me money for the fish.
If you can't help me get it now.
Then next week.
Dear friend.
Haven't you understood?
It' impossible to do so.

Your collar, your face or your head,
all have got nothing to do with me.

Just quit telling me whether your
head size is too big or too small...

Why don't you clean a bit?
This is not my job, and I
don't take care of head.

Not my problem.
I am just doing my work.

Grab the remaining materials.
No interesting, either.

It's not my fault, the real problem is on...
...your own body.
It's almost been half an hour.
Here, saw this wood stick to a smaller
pieces. Ca n do the same on fix the collar.

No need further explanations.
How much for the fish?
1500 dollars.

I will find my money.
Oh, you are back.
I just said you can find it.

No worry.
Where is it?
I didn't bring any money,
it dropped into a sewer.

I will try to grab it out.
But the shopkeeper is quarrelling...
...with another man.
All I can do now is come and check
whether my fish is still here or not.

I go back to get money.
My fish won't be sold, right?
You must guarantee that you will come back
to here buy the one you selected, though.

That one, the white one.
With his girlfriend now.
He is indeed a handsome one.
I want that one.