Badkonake sefid

No need further explanations.
How much for the fish?
1500 dollars.

I will find my money.
Oh, you are back.
I just said you can find it.

No worry.
Where is it?
I didn't bring any money,
it dropped into a sewer.

I will try to grab it out.
But the shopkeeper is quarrelling...
...with another man.
All I can do now is come and check
whether my fish is still here or not.

I go back to get money.
My fish won't be sold, right?
You must guarantee that you will come back
to here buy the one you selected, though.

That one, the white one.
With his girlfriend now.
He is indeed a handsome one.
I want that one.
But this handsome is
going to cost 200 dollars.

M y mama told me,
it only worth 100 dollars.
Alright, that's OK.
Take it. Just remember come back and pay.
As 100 dollars.
No, I don’t want it now.

Just take it.
No, it's ok as long as you
concent me that it won't be sold

I promise to you.
I will put it into the guard
until you come back.

Where is your fish bowl?
Hand it to me.

By the time you are talking to
that lady. I leave it here.

I can't see it.
Of course it can be seen.

You sure?

This little girl said she use to
leave a fish bowl in the store.

Get one,
Fill it up.