Badkonake sefid

You keep talking to me will
drive me forget the address.
I am home.

I didn't see any notes at all.
The 500 dollars' one.
That's just what I worried.
Here, take some melon seeds.
Let's see whether I can give you a hand.
Grab some.
Don't want any.
If you dislike eating
seeds, I got candies, too.

I opened the box.
Looks like you don't
want ea t candies, either.

Why are you so worried?
I am not going to eat you alive.
I am not going to eat your alive, either.

Why need to be so scared?
I saw you stopped.
I thought you might need some help.
Don't be afraid, I am a nice man.
If you decide not to reply on my
words, then I got nothing else to say.