Good evening, sir.
Ah, young Wallace.
Grand soft evening, huh?
Aye, it's that.
I was wondering if I might have
a word with your daughter.

What do you want
to have a word about?

Well, um...
Murron, would you like
to come and ride with me

on this fine evening?
In this?
You're out of your mind.

It's good
Scottish weather, madame.

The rain is falling
straight down.

Well, slightly
to the side, like.

She can't go with you.
No the now, anyway.
No the now.
- No the now?
- We'll see you later.

The weather's just fine.
It's hardly raining.

Did you not hear
what I said?

Murron] Get-- Oh.
It's you she takes after.
How could you know me
after so long?

Well, I didn't.
I saw you staring,
and I didn't know who you were.