In this?
You're out of your mind.

It's good
Scottish weather, madame.

The rain is falling
straight down.

Well, slightly
to the side, like.

She can't go with you.
No the now, anyway.
No the now.
- No the now?
- We'll see you later.

The weather's just fine.
It's hardly raining.

Did you not hear
what I said?

Murron] Get-- Oh.
It's you she takes after.
How could you know me
after so long?

Well, I didn't.
I saw you staring,
and I didn't know who you were.

I'm sorry.
I suppose I was.

Are you in the habit
of riding off in the rain
with strangers?

It was the best way
to make you leave.

Well, if I can ever work up
the courage to ask you again,

I'll send
written warning first.

Wouldn't do much good.
I can't read.

Can you not?
Well, that's something
we shall have to remedy,
isn't it?

You're going to
teach me to read, then?

if you like.
In what language?
You're showing off now.
That's right.
Are you impressed yet?

No. Why should I be?
[Speaking French]
Do that standing on your head,
and I'll be impressed.

My kilt will fly up,
but I'll try it.

God, you certainly
didn't learn any manners.

The French and Romans
have far worse manners.

You've been to Rome?
Aye. Argyle took me
on a pilgrimage.