Devil in a Blue Dress

It was summer 1948.
And I needed money.
After going door-to-door all day,
I was back again at Joppy's bar...

... trying to figure out where
to look for work the next day.

The newspapers was going on and on
about the city elections...

... Iike they was really
gonna change somebody's life.

My life had already changed
when I lost my job 3 weeks before.

For example, one of the white guys
pulls a double shift.

If he says he's too tired to work
overtime, you don't fire them.

That's all you have to say?
No, that's not all.
I need....

I need to pay my mortgage and eat.
I need a house to live in and
clothes on my back. I need the job.

I'm sorry, fella,
I gotta get back to work.

My name's not "fella."
My name's not "fella."
My name is Ezekiel Rawlins.

Catch you later, Joppy.
Watch the marble, damn it!
What'd I tell you?

How much you think they're paying
at Douglas Aircraft?

I don't know.