Devil in a Blue Dress

I need to pay my mortgage and eat.
I need a house to live in and
clothes on my back. I need the job.

I'm sorry, fella,
I gotta get back to work.

My name's not "fella."
My name's not "fella."
My name is Ezekiel Rawlins.

Catch you later, Joppy.
Watch the marble, damn it!
What'd I tell you?

How much you think they're paying
at Douglas Aircraft?

I don't know.
Come on over here.
There's somebody I want you to meet.
Come on, this is a friend of mine.
Easy, this is Mr. Albright.
-Call me DeWitt, Easy.
-How you doing?

Take a seat.
Mr. Albright and me...
...go way back to before the war.
Back when I was still
in the fight game.

Ever seen this guy fight?
Every time Joppy stepped in the ring,
you knew you would see...

...some knockdown-dragout fisticuffs.
-Where you from?

Joppy's hometown.
Need a job?
Yeah. Easy always
trying to do better.