Duo luo tian shi

Hello? Hello?
l'm not finished yet Hello?

Give me another coin
Fuck The bitch has hung up on me
l need a shouler to cry on
The night's full ofweirdos.
This one seems to turn up
wherever l go.

l'm fine now. l'll pay you back
next time l see you.

Same old story.
l wish l could tell her...
...you can't solve
problems over the phone.

You have to talk, face to face.
lt that fails, you can
punch him on the nose.

l keep my thoughts to myself.
But somehow, she appears
to be able to read my mind.

l think you're right. Let's go.
Blondie, l know you're there
Come out ifyou've got the guts

We're gonna torch the place
on the count ofthree.

One, two, three
Wrong floor
Blondie Come on out
3 seconds and you burn
One, two, three