Funny Bones

Bruno was my husband. I know the act.
I also know about contracts.

- Sure.
- Bruno, Thomas...

Bruno, look at me.
Thomas, look at me.

- We really need the money, Katie.
- Don't sign.

- There's something you don't like.
- Yes!

Look at page four, where it says 6A.
That's what they call a quitclaim.

- What's that mean?
- I know you need the money.

But you haven't understood.
A quitclaim means that this man,

and only this man, can do your act.
And us. If we get another chance.
No, boys! You're signing away
your right

to perform your act,
that you took 20 years in perfecting.

You'll never be able to do it again.
Haven't you grasped the point?
They're never going to work again!

You understood this. You bastard!
- You don't have a high opinion of me.
- The man's insulted. I'm very sorry.

But these are the people
who are being insulted!

How do we know that you won't make
such a cock-up of this act

that it will never be seen again
in the history of the world?

Are you a funny man, Mr Tarascas?
How funny are you?

Either they want to trade or they
don't. Nobody's forcing them.

You're just a rich, spoiled brat!
You don't have the humanity to see
this is not just buying a few jokes.

This is buying their lives!
C'est monstrueux.

What's more, it is absurd!