Funny Bones

You understood this. You bastard!
- You don't have a high opinion of me.
- The man's insulted. I'm very sorry.

But these are the people
who are being insulted!

How do we know that you won't make
such a cock-up of this act

that it will never be seen again
in the history of the world?

Are you a funny man, Mr Tarascas?
How funny are you?

Either they want to trade or they
don't. Nobody's forcing them.

You're just a rich, spoiled brat!
You don't have the humanity to see
this is not just buying a few jokes.

This is buying their lives!
C'est monstrueux.

What's more, it is absurd!
I have no desire
to buy these gentlemen's lives.

I respect your concern,
Mrs Whatever-your-name-is.

But this hysterical talk grates on me.
Do we have a deal or don't we?

If it's not too much to ask,
may I now see what I risked £5,000 on?

What first?
Looks like a restaurant sketch.