La Haine

on the tracks.
I'd teased Grunwalski so much
that he went off on his own.
The train starts moving,
so everyone jumps on,
because it waits for nobody.
Grunwalski had a problem:
he'd gone behind a bush
and was still shitting.
So I see him come out
from behind the bush,

holding up his pants
with his hands.
He tries to catch up.
I hold out my hand,
but each time he reaches for it
he lets go of his pants
and they drop to his ankles.
He pulls them back up,
starts running again,
but they fall back down,
when he reaches out for me.
- Then what happened?
- Nothing.

froze to death.
Good day.
Why'd he tell us that?
I got the address. I'll call you.
Why'd he tell us that?
'Scuse me,
I'm just out of the hospital.

I haven't eaten for 2 days.
My child's hungry,
I need your spare change...

I wanna date with Mina!
I'll lasso her!