Lord of Illusions

You need a woman's touch in here.
Why don't you get yourself a... secretary?
On what you pay me?
So, get married.
Tried that.
Oh, yeah.
"Harry D'Amour, who describes
himself as a private detective,

has been linked with occult activities
on several occasions. "

"'We regard D'Amour as a highly
dubious character', quoted one source. "

That's nice, Harry!
It's all bullshit.
It was on TV last night.
You looked like shit, by the way.
- Thanks.
- What's the story?

Was the kid really possessed?
You gonna tell me by what?
Well, you know.
The usual.
You... need a vacation.
Somewhere sunny! Like, uh...
That's where the job is?
The guy's name's Tapert.
Big insurance fraud.

He's gone west
to spend his ill-gotten gains.

It's worth ten grand
if you catch him doing it.

If I don't?
Catch a tan.
I need someone of your caliber
on this, Harry.

Taste the darkness, D'Amour.
It's been waiting for you!

Yeah, well.
Maybe I do need a vacation.
You'll like LA!
It has great weather, great women...