Maboroshi no hikari

How far did you go?
The baseball stadium
Better to steal from the rich...

You really stole this?
I said I would
Maybe whoever stole yours
had been robbed, too

Yup, when robbed, rob back
Don't let this little taste
make you a real thief

You nut...
The bathhouse was so crowded
I bought you some paint
Did Yuichi cry?
Not one peep
You sure?
What were you up to?

Listening to the neighbor's radio
It's so loud
Shall I ask him to turn it down?

Don't bother
The old man's hearing's gone

We get to listen along
You haven't changed
What is?
You haven't changed at all
What's that mean?
You're the same as
when you were a kid

How the same?
I don't know,
you're just the same

You're impossible