Nelly & Monsieur Arnaud

This is for Vincent Granec.
Who is it from?
Pierre Arnaud.
Oh yes. Come in.
- I'm bothering you.
- Not at all. Coffee?

No thank you.
This way.
I'd lost hope.
Have a seat.
I thought he'd given up.
I won't read it now.
I've heard this is your doing.
Thank you.

I'll see him in a minute.
Is it any good?
I don't have much distance,
but I like it.

A strange man, with two lives.
First devoted to the law
then to business.
And when will I have...
We can finish in a month but...
He's in no rush.
It's your company...
He's pleased with you.

Yes. So am I.
Don't feel rushed,
but it's planned for March.

This is the first of the series.
Keep it.
Have we met before?
I doubt it.
Just a feeling.
Put her on.
Hello, how are you?
Yes, I saw it.
That sounds good.
Can I have your number?