Salaam Cinema

What do you think?
You want me to give up
my pIace for him as weII?

It was his idea.
I can't...

I can neither accept nor refuse.
Can I ask you something?
WouId you Iike to be the winner
among these 5 peopIe?
I'd rather we voted.
What do you think?
I want to be the winner.
What about you?
WeII, same here.
Who do you think
acted the best among you aII?

I didn't notice how they acted.
My mind was on other things.
So you see,
voting is no use, is it?

- Do you reaIIy want the truth?
- Yes.

I choose us.
- Who?
- Me and my friend.

You mean you two?
Stand back, you three.

Further back.
You two can compete
against each other.

FeizoIIah, take your chiIdren.
Stand between your chiIdren
and move back to the door.

This is part of the audition.
Turn toward the door and get out.
Have you no pity?
I do have pity, but...
OnIy 10%of the reason
he gave me his pIace was pity.

There are other issues invoIved.
I say, if they reaIIy can't act,
why shouId the poor peopIe
in the audience have to stand

bad actors
and waste their time?
Why shouId they waste their money?
They couId be doing other things.

It's supposed to be enjoyabIe!
Now, I'II ask you both one thing.
The one who thinks