Something to Talk About

Nothing sparks a man's interest
more than competition.

-That's all it was, really. Just nothing.

If anyone wants to volunteer
for the Christmas bazaar...

...they can sign up tonight
or call me by the end of the week.

That's all.
Thanks. Anyone else? Yes, Lucy.
If everyone would sell
at least 10 raffle tickets, that'd be great.

If you don't think you can,
we need to know, so call me or Edna.

Thank you. And Grace.
I was wondering if anyone else here
has fucked my husband.

Lorene told me how kind he was
to help her out by sleeping with her...

:33:44 try to make Tuffy straighten up,
so I was just wondering...

...if this is a regular service
he provides to all my friends?

-This isn't the appropriate time--
-I know that!

It's not the time for me to tell you
your husband keeps half the hookers...

:34:01 town in high heels,
but I'm asking anyway!

If there's anyone who, for any reason,
has had any kind of sex...

...with my goddamn husband,
I think I have a right to know!

You're losing it.
I'll start.
-Who do you think you are?
-Sit down.

Kitty, did you know that Bill had an affair
with Dr. Davenport's dental hygienist?

That's not true!
Eleanor, you slept with George MacMurry
in Antigua. Lucy told me.

-That's enough!
-I won't dignify this with my presence.

Can't we be honest with each other?
You're supposed to be my friends!

If your friends won't tell you the truth,
who will?

I mean, who do we think we're kidding?
Leave me alone! I want to be by myself!