Under Siege 2: Dark Territory

Has a Sarah Ryback picked up any tickets?
Uncle Casey.

Nice to see you, too.

You've gotten big.
A lot can happen in five years.

Just a moment.
So, what have you been doing?

Taking care of airplane crashes,
funerals, stuff like that.

Yeah, so....
Here you are. Track 3.

You know, I was thinking....
I remembered that you collect teddy bears
and I got you one.

lt isn't as good as some of yours...
...and I know you may be too mature...
...to hang out with teddy bears now.

lt's the thought that counts.

I guess I'm not trained for this.

Excuse me.

Can I carry your bags? Oh, nice...

...medal you got there.
lt's a Navy Cross.
My uncle was in the Navy,
but he didn't look like you.

-What is that?

lt's Mace.

All right. Listen, I have to look busy,
so why don't you let me take your bag?

If I don't, I could get fired.
If I get fired, I won't have enough money
for college, and I'll be poor.

This will work. I like this.
What compartment did you say
you were in?


My compartment.