Welcome to the Dollhouse

Mrs. Grissom,
can I take a retest?

But I know I could have done better
if none of this had happened.

- I was nervous.
- I said no, Dawn!

But Mrs. Grissom, I really wasn't
the one who was cheating...

and if I could just
redo this test...

Just once.

- I'm better than a D-minus.
- Stop grade grubbing!

Don't you have any dignity?
I want you to write
a 100-word essay...

on the subject of dignity
and hand it in to me by Friday.

You're excused.
She's got it so easy.
She'II always have it easy.
Maybe she'II die.
You don't know
what it's like.

- What?
- Junior high.

- Do you think anyone will join our club?
- I don't want anyone to join.

I want to be popular.
So I think I may have swung a pretty
good deal with Steve Rodgers today.

- I think we got him.
- Who's Steve Rodgers?

Steve Rodgers is only
one of the most popular guys in class.

We get him, we'll get invited
to play everywhere:

sweet sixteens, school dances,
maybe even a gig on the road.

- What does he play?
- Guitar, a little.

But mainly, he sings.
But that's not the point.