Welcome to the Dollhouse

She's got it so easy.
She'II always have it easy.
Maybe she'II die.
You don't know
what it's like.

- What?
- Junior high.

- Do you think anyone will join our club?
- I don't want anyone to join.

I want to be popular.
So I think I may have swung a pretty
good deal with Steve Rodgers today.

- I think we got him.
- Who's Steve Rodgers?

Steve Rodgers is only
one of the most popular guys in class.

We get him, we'll get invited
to play everywhere:

sweet sixteens, school dances,
maybe even a gig on the road.

- What does he play?
- Guitar, a little.

But mainly, he sings.
But that's not the point.

The point is, it's just exactly
what I needed for my college resume.

With this kind of extracurricular
activity, I'm gonna have it made.

Maybe not the Big Three,
but an Ivy at least.

Well, we'II have to see
about those SATs.

Mommy, could I join Mark's band?
- Oh, sweetheart.
- I'm serious.

And I think you should
send Dawn to a reformatory.

She's always bothering me.
Honey, you don't mean that.
Dawn loves you.

No matter what she does,
she's your sister.

Dawn, tell Missy that you're sorry
for bothering her and that you love her.

- I'm not sorry.
- Stop acting like a baby.

You're her older sister,
and Missy loves you.

- She does not.
- She does. Tell her you love her.

- I love you.
- You do not!

- I do too.
- You do not!

You are not leaving this table until
you tell your sister that you love her!