Bad Moon

Come here!
Come back here! Give me the ball.
Thor, come here!
I'm going to get you, boy!
Where you going?
Where's the ball?
Nice doggy.
Nice doggy.
You're a big one.
Are you a dog or a horse?

It's not a horse. It's a German Shepherd.
He's a hell of a big German Shepherd,
ain't he?

May I help you?
- You must be the lady of the house?
- Yes, I am.

I see you got a young boy.
You help him
get the best education possible?

I represent the Pacific Northwest
Magna Reading Project.

We have books
which studies have proved...

...are a major benefit towards
learning phonetics and vocabulary.

If I could have five minutes
of your time to show them to you...

:07:24 won't be disappointed.
We're not interested
in buying anything right now.

No, please. Please.
Let me show you these books
my company has developed.

I have them right...
Whoa, lady!
You ever heard of a leash law?
Want to control that dog
before it bites somebody?

Get off him!
Get him off me!
Go to the house!
Go on!