Bad Moon

May I help you?
- You must be the lady of the house?
- Yes, I am.

I see you got a young boy.
You help him
get the best education possible?

I represent the Pacific Northwest
Magna Reading Project.

We have books
which studies have proved...

...are a major benefit towards
learning phonetics and vocabulary.

If I could have five minutes
of your time to show them to you...

:07:24 won't be disappointed.
We're not interested
in buying anything right now.

No, please. Please.
Let me show you these books
my company has developed.

I have them right...
Whoa, lady!
You ever heard of a leash law?
Want to control that dog
before it bites somebody?

Get off him!
Get him off me!
Go to the house!
Go on!
- Are you okay?
- No, he bit me!

Where did he bite you?
You've got a dangerous animal there, lady.
I'm suing.
You better get hold of a lawyer right away,
because you'll hear from mine!

You can talk to me.
I'm a lawyer.
Sit and stay down!
Did he bite you?
If he did, you really need to see a doctor.
Since you're on foot,
I'll drive you to the emergency room.

Why don't I take you to my own doctor?
I got my own doctor.
All right.