Big Night

Wait, the risotto.

Wait, the risotto.

Yes, go.
Th an k God,
Ok ay, her e we go,

I'm just so hungry.
That look s good.
You got I eaves with yours,

Here we go.
Ok ay.

Mon sieur, i s thi s wh at I or der ed?

Yes, it is risotto, a speci al r ecipe
that my br other and I bri n g fr om Italy,

It's delicious, I pr omi se,
It took so long I thought you went
back to Italy to get it,

I know, but it's worth it, I promise.
You would lik e fr esh pepper or cheese?

- No, I don 't n eed ch eese,
- Ch eese, yeah,

Excu se me, Didn't you say thi s would be
ri ce with seafood?

Yes, It is Itali an arborio ri ce,
the best,

Th en with shrimp and scallop and...
I don't see anything that looks lik e
a shri mp or scall op,

I mean, it's just not
wh at I expected.