Bottle Rocket

Pointless act! You don't give
a $500 tip to the housekeeper!

That's inappropriate!
That's inexcusable!

That, I don't forgive!
What were you thinking?

- Don't call her the housekeeper.
- That's what she is.

Don't threaten me. That's what she is.
She is a housekeeper.

- People are housekeepers.
- You better watch it.

You don't know what you're talking about
right now.

Her name's Inez.
And my name's Dignan, man.
So what?

She didn't love you, man.
Now where are you going?
Come on. Let's go.
Why did you do it, man?
I don't really think you know
what I was going through back there--

Please don't lay that on me now, man...
because I'm not interested
in hearing any of that.

Did it ever occur to you that I might
enjoy a great stay...

at some mental hospital
out in the middle of nowhere...

going running at night, getting a tan
with a bunch of beautiful girls?

Did you ever think about that?
What do you think Dignan was doing
that whole time you were out there?

I told you Dignan got fired--
out on his ass.

But you never thought about that,
did you?

In the end it's easier to think about
yourself than to think about Dignan.

Dignan, come on.