Courage Under Fire

Do they know?
They heard from a few of his friends.
Aw, Jesus...
You know...
They told Boylar's parents
he died from enemy fire.

I told them that.
I carried the message,
went to the funeral,

watched his mother cry her eyes out.
I stood there
and looked his father in the eye...

and told him
his son died brave under fire.

And I was the one
who gave the order to fire.

I did it.
Then the Army gave me a medal...
for bravery and valour.
Then they buried me...
in medals.
Got a sense of humour, don't they?
Can't remember anything else
except being in the Army.

Either being in it or wanting to be in it.
It's all I know.
Look, you need to sleep.
You call me any time.
Anything you want to say about anything,
on or off the record.

I'm going to leave you alone for a while.
Ilario. Are you saying you can't find him,
or that he's absent without leave?

Sir, that's an I... I...
That's right, specialist Ilario.
Well, we contacted the MPs, sir...
Roger that.
Thank you.
Did she display fear when she had
to make these life-and-death decisions?

No, never.
Karen, the captain... she had this quality.
The heavier the pressure,
the calmer she got.

And she... you know, she put up
with a lot of shit to become an officer.