Courage Under Fire

It's all I know.
Look, you need to sleep.
You call me any time.
Anything you want to say about anything,
on or off the record.

I'm going to leave you alone for a while.
Ilario. Are you saying you can't find him,
or that he's absent without leave?

Sir, that's an I... I...
That's right, specialist Ilario.
Well, we contacted the MPs, sir...
Roger that.
Thank you.
Did she display fear when she had
to make these life-and-death decisions?

No, never.
Karen, the captain... she had this quality.
The heavier the pressure,
the calmer she got.

And she... you know, she put up
with a lot of shit to become an officer.

Had to work twice as hard
as everybody else, be twice as good.

She'd never let her guard down,
show any sign of weakness.

But she was tough. She could handle it.
So, ladies and gentlemen,
what I have to say to you in closing...

is to go forth,
to command wisely,
to advise prudently,
to protect with vigilance...
and to judge with care.
And above all,
to defend with all your heart,
all your soul...

and all your courage...
the lives of the men and women
under your command,

and the United States of America.
Are you now saying
you'll report against her getting the medal?

As I explained to the White House,
there should be a further investigation...

before we move forward.
The discrepancies...

Another matter completely.
Write up a second report.

That's my point, sir!
Ilario's disappeared. Altameyer's missing.
- Who?
- Altameyer, sir. Walden's crew chief.