Daai laap mat taam 008

After eating it,
you will laugh and cry,
the natives call this grass
You will get rich too
You can tell
it's drug which harm people

Better keep it yourself
Don't take too much!
You are right
Do you have any now?
Give me some
Thank you
This doctor...
I haven't seen you before

Your hat is so interesting!
Where do you work?
I am a gynecologist in the capital
To treat women?
You are rich!
Ladies and gentlemen
How are you
Welcome here to watch...
...the dissection of the Flying Fairy
This is a very precious chance
Now, this is solely shown to you
Where is His Majesty?
In order to let you see clearly
In five consecutive nights,
we will repeat, repeat and repeat...
to show you
the process of the dissection

To let you...
...see it clearly
And, we have invited the farmers...
...who discovered it to this meeting
Let me now interview...
someone who witnessed...
...the discovery of the fairy first,
that's a dog
Its eye is so big
Will it be clearer?
Where is its wing?
How can it fly then?

It's really weird!
It is small or less the same as me

Right, as ugly as you
Move, move now
Why not...
Give her some medicine?
Do you know dissection?
I know