Daai laap mat taam 008

Let me now interview...
someone who witnessed...
...the discovery of the fairy first,
that's a dog
Its eye is so big
Will it be clearer?
Where is its wing?
How can it fly then?

It's really weird!
It is small or less the same as me

Right, as ugly as you
Move, move now
Why not...
Give her some medicine?
Do you know dissection?
I know
Take this cutter and start working
I won't give it a damn
But, may I use this?
Don't move
Do you know how to dissect?
Cut from the throat,
let the blood drain out first

I know it already
Come on
In fact, I am not a doctor
I am a butcher
You coward, you needn't find excuse
Let me do it
Have you fixed yet?
Good question, I've just fixed it