Daai laap mat taam 008

Good wine!
What a nice wine,
it makes one lose his mind!
This must be an old wine...
...of over 100 years old
I believe that this is tribute
from foreign country

Pal, isn't it so precious?
Are you exaggerating?
You are totally wrong!
You drink it without tasting it
Even it isn't wine,
you can never tell its taste!
Wine is like woman,
you have to try it by some means

Can anyone lend me his tongue?
Any longer one?
The taste buds are on the surface
of our tongues

Not under
The sweet taste buds are in front
The bitter taste buds are
near the throat

Don't make it too deep
Alright, I'll place it in front
The sour taste bud is on both sides
of the tongue

So, when we taste good wine,
roll the tongue,
you need more practice
So, you can stop the wine meeting
the sour taste bud

And let the wine floats between
bitter and sweet taste buds

Sweet first, and then bitter...
Just like...
the sense of first love
Gum Tso would like to meet you
in the sitting room

Miss Gum Tso...
Don't be anxious
Why don't you...
you seem to have sore throat

Are you missing your wife?
How do you know that?
Chinese people usually have
early marriage