You won't find those theories at
St. Anselm School for Boys.

Poor little losers. Aren't you glad
you never did drugs?

You never did, right?
We'll open with the room searches.
Parents eat that shit up.

You have to be at the end
of your rope to be here.

We're here, dickhead.
Front steps in 10 minutes
for the video shoot.

Take your books home over the weekend.
There'll be a test on Tuesday.

I'll be in a better mood on Tuesday.
Don't let Guy catch you.
He's occupied.
He didn't resist the urge to
assist another mother.

What happened to your eyes?
I don't know what you did to him,
but your husband was in a mood.

Thank you very much.
You shouldn't be seen with him.
They all know. It's better if we act
normal. It won't look bad after.

I only went there because the wife
chooses to sedate herself.

What if she notices they're gone?
Please, that woman has enough drugs
to relax China.

Good morning, ladies.
-Oh, God.
-Are we ready for our close-up?

I can't wait for this to be
done. Everyone gets overexcited.

How your husband expects us
to handle more students--

Lovely seeing you last night.
Anytime we can
assist you two star-crossed--

Is something wrong with your eye?
I'm not surprised.
If you don't quit for yourself, think
of us. Secondhand smoke kills too.