Call 911 . She needs a doctor.
Go get another teacher.
Move it!
I'm alive?
No, you're dead, this is heaven
and I'm the Virgin Mary.

Can you swallow?
Here you go.
I don't want them to see me like this.
Did they say how long?
Erik! What happened?
It's her heart again. Get the boy out.
Failure, despair, passivity...
...rebelliousness, defeat.
Well-meaning people may offer
dozens of theories.

All boiling down
to blaming you, the parent.

You won't find those theories at
St. Anselm School for Boys.

Poor little losers. Aren't you glad
you never did drugs?

You never did, right?
We'll open with the room searches.
Parents eat that shit up.

You have to be at the end
of your rope to be here.

We're here, dickhead.
Front steps in 10 minutes
for the video shoot.

Take your books home over the weekend.
There'll be a test on Tuesday.

I'll be in a better mood on Tuesday.
Don't let Guy catch you.
He's occupied.
He didn't resist the urge to
assist another mother.

What happened to your eyes?
I don't know what you did to him,
but your husband was in a mood.