Escape from L.A.

In the late 20th century,
hostile forces inside
the United States grow strong.

The city of Los Angeles
is ravaged by crime and immorality.

To protect and defend its citizens,
the United States
Police Force is formed.

A presidential candidate
predicts a millennium earthquake

will destroy LA
in divine retribution.

Like the mighty fist of God,
Armageddon will descend upon
the city of Los Angeles -

the city of sin,
the city of Gomorrah and Sodom -

and waters will arise
and separate this sinful,
sinful city from our country.

An earthquake measuring 9.6
on the Richter scale

hits at 12:59pm,
August 23 in the year 2000.

After the devastation,
the Constitution is amended,

and the newly-elected president
accepts a lifetime term of office.

The country's capital is
relocated from Washington, DC,

to the President's home town
of Lynchburg, Virginia.