Escape from L.A.

An earthquake measuring 9.6
on the Richter scale

hits at 12:59pm,
August 23 in the year 2000.

After the devastation,
the Constitution is amended,

and the newly-elected president
accepts a lifetime term of office.

The country's capital is
relocated from Washington, DC,

to the President's home town
of Lynchburg, Virginia.

Los Angeles island is declared
no longer part of the United States,

and becomes the deportation point
for all people found unfit to live
in a new, moral America.

The United States Police Force,
like an army,

is encamped along the shoreline,
making any escape from LA impossible.
From the south-east of Orange
country to the north-west of Malibu,

the Great Wall excludes LA
from the mainland.

The President's first act as
commander in chief is Directive 17-

Once an American loses
his or her citizenship,

they are deported to this island of
the damned and may never come back.

Attention. We are on tactical alert.
Remain at battle stations.
I repeat, remain at battle stations.