Eye for an Eye

I'll get help, Julie.
I'll hold the phone, I won't leave you.
Help me! Somebody help me!
Have you got a phone?
Stop, please!
- Help me!
- Move your car.

- You got a phone?
- No, move it.

No! No! No!
- I need you to call the police.
- No English.

Julie, do you hear me?
I won't hang up.

Julie, I won't leave you.
Can you phone the police for me,
please? Please, help me.

- Do you have a phone?
- Yes.

Call the police. Send them to my house
at 244 Eden Street in the Palisades.

Julie, I've got help.
Can you hear me? I'll get there, Julie.

I'll get there.
Help is coming, Julie.
Help me!

I'll stay with you. Can you hear me?
The police are on their way.
I won't hang up the phone.
Julie? Julie?
Who's there?
Do you want something?
Are you OK? Wait a minute.

If you want to make a call, hang up
and try again. If you need help...