For Ever Mozart

What are you eyeing, asshole?
Nothing, ma'am.
A pack of Marlboros.
Yes, ma'am.
Stay here!
l'm studying cinema in high school.
Give him a script.
Go have a seat.
The poster.
lt'll cost a fortune.
There's money in the sea.
The Hakim brothers taught me that.
What we need is a casino nearby
and a school for Solange.

No problem.
Give me the figures.
- What is this?
- The location.

lt's not natural.
Get something else.

Seriously... what's the problem?
Everything. There's not enough water.
lt's all wrong.

l was told to keep expenses down.
Let's go.
l'll call the production office.

Don't forget the paychecks.
Who will the actress be?
We'll tell you later.
Here are the pictures.