For Ever Mozart

What we need is a casino nearby
and a school for Solange.

No problem.
Give me the figures.
- What is this?
- The location.

lt's not natural.
Get something else.

Seriously... what's the problem?
Everything. There's not enough water.
lt's all wrong.

l was told to keep expenses down.
Let's go.
l'll call the production office.

Don't forget the paychecks.
Who will the actress be?
We'll tell you later.
Here are the pictures.
They're all cows.
What do you think?

Why do cows always look
so grumpy?

lf your breasts were yanked on
four times a day

and you only got fucked once a year,
you'd look grumpy too.

Have you read it?
Yes. ln my opinion...
We don't want it!
l don't care about the story!
The title should be ''Fatal Bolero''

and the girl should die
in a twister!

Yes, sir.
This must be why l've always felt
a profound sadness in the cinema.

Both a possibility of expression
and the trace of something
essential, renounced.