"Fuck you" ?
How was school ?
Like you really
fuckin' care, asshole.

Me and your mama, we spent the whole day
in line securin' rent vouchers,

and we could both use
a little consideration !

Don't it bother you your own wife
bringin' off all them guys for money ?

I make her use mouthwash after.
You like that minty-fresh taste,
huh, Larry ?

Vanessa Lutz, I'm gettin' ready
to take a seriously big shit

right on top of that
pointy little head of yours !

Don't be a smart-ass.
Hey, motherfucker.
- You want some company ?
- Yeah.

Oh, let me get in.
You get the luckiest breaks.
And I mean lucky.
What else could it be ?

We interrupt this program to go live
to L.A. County Sheriff's headquarters,

where a press conference
is now in progress...

regarding the grisly find
yesterday morning

along San Diego Freeway
in Torrance.

The two females have been
identified as 19-year-old...

Tempest Mueller of Downey,
and 16-year-old...

Corky Poindexter of Bellflower.
Both females have extensive
arrest records for prostitution,

and we are now considering them
as victims of the individual

that we call the I-5 Killer.
I'll take a few questions.
- I happened to be watchin' that, Larry !
- Forget it.

You just don't want me
hearin' about that killer out there.

But what if he drove up right
this second and snatched up Mom, huh ?

What would you have
to say then, smart guy ?

First of all,
your mama would kick his ass.