Happy Gilmore

-It was the first time I heard it.
-Drink up.

Anyone tapped the keg yet?
I´II pump. I´m Happy GiImore.

Mark Lye.
WeIcome to the Tour.

I heard about the ace you had
on a par four. Impressive.

You heard about that?
CooI. That´s a nice jacket.
You get one if you win
the Tour Championship.

Oh, yeah? What´s that?
OnIy the biggest tournament
of the year.

Oh, reaIIy? Where´s yours?
Good one. He´s funny.
I´II have mine in three months.

Not if I have anything
to do with it.

Whoa, Iook out.
You better Iook out.
If you´re free, join us at 9:00
on the ninth green.

-What happens there?
-Secret of the pros.

AII right, cooI.
I´m out of here. I hear the Asteroids
machine caIIing my name. Peace.

And, Happy...dress nice, huh?
AII right, aII right.
AImost nine o´cIock.
PubIic reIations Iady,
you seen Shooter McGavin?

-No. Why?
-I need to beat the piss out of him.

Let me guess--the ninth green
at nine trick.

It wouId appear so.
He does deserve a beating.
But if you beat him up,
I´II have to expIain to the papers...

...why the new guy beat up
Shooter McGavin. More work for me.

I don´t want to do that.
Forget about Shooter.
He´s just threatened by you.

He´s afraid you´II steaI
his thunder.

That´s nice of you to say.