Happy Gilmore

Draft a press reIease stating GiImore
is being thrown off the Tour.

I want to see it by 6:00 p.m.
You´re right--his behavior is
compIeteIy unacceptabIe.

But goIf has been waiting
for a pIayer Iike this.

A coIorfuI, emotionaI,
working cIass hero.

I wiII not toIerate this behavior.
GiImore is gone.

I got a caII
from the DaIIas Open.

They´re deIuged with caIIs
from peopIe who want to see Happy.

-They soId out.

I know he´s a IittIe rough.
Let me work with him.

Okay. Fine.
But he´s your responsibiIity.

If he cIeans up, he can stay.
If he doesn´t, it´s your ass.
And any more of this...
...and he´s gone.
Shooter! Shooter!
What do you think
of Happy GiImore?

I didn´t see him pIay.
I was too busy winning.

But a 450-yard drive
is impressive.

Yeah. Where did he finish again?
Dead Iast? Yeah, he had a good day.

Did he reaIIy make
a 450-yard ace?

Where´s my check?
We maiI them next week.
I want mine now.
I don´t have any checks.
He got one. Give me
one of them big ones, I don´t care.

Give me a beer, paI.
Put that on my tab.
You were the taIk
of the tournament, GiImore.

Wow, thanks a Iot.
You sure crush the baII at the tee.
You´d do weII in a Iong-drive contest.

You´d make good money, traveIing,
hustIing at driving ranges.

I know what you´re doing
right now...

...and I don´t Iike it. So just shut
your trap before I put my foot in it.

Don´t turn your back on me.
Listen, this is Shooter´s tour.

I worked hard, paid my dues--
now it´s Shooter´s turn.

Shooter won´t Iet his reign at the top
be spoiIed by some freak.