Harriet the Spy

I mean, do I try to interfere
with your bookkeeping?!

My business is comedy!
That's what I do!
I'm funny!
I'm the funny guy!

Yes, you are.
They're the money guys.
Okay, slippery,
bath time's over.
Come out with your hands up.
But I just got in.
Oh, sure.
I believe that one.

Let's see your fingers,
prune girl.

Talk to the hand,
'cause the face

ain't gonna listen.
He asked me to come up
with something new,
something fresh.

You read it.
It was good.

- Yes.
- It was the funniest script

we've had all year!
Yes, it was. So what
was their problem?

Hey, I want to hear.
Oh, yeah?
I want to sing opera,

but I can't, so I don't.
That downstairs is...
Well, your dad
has a high-pressure job.

What's a high-pressure job?
It's when you don't
get to do what you want

and when you do,
you don't have time to do it.
Do spies have
high-pressure jobs?

Only when
they're caught.

I'm never caught.
You're right.
You never are.
Oh, look, a ugly water bug!
Caught ya.
Here she is.
Good night.
Good night. You want
me to tuck you in?

Golly can do it.
"'The time has come,'
the Walrus said.

"To talk of many things."
"Of shoes and ships
and sealing wax."

"Of cabbages and kings."
"And why the sea
is boiling hot."

"And whether
pigs have wings."'

- Do you have any wings?
- Yeah.

Let me see.
Crap? No, no.
This stuff is beyond crap.
This is what crap wants
to be when it grows up.

Listen to this.
"A Question Corner
by Marion Hawthorne.

"Horse riding,
for those who can afford it

"is a very wonderful sport.
"Every weekend,
my father takes me riding

and we laugh together
as we ride."

Does she mention
her mom pays for dork lessons?

Man, once that
disintegration ray
is complete... bzzt!