Harriet the Spy

Here she is.
Good night.
Good night. You want
me to tuck you in?

Golly can do it.
"'The time has come,'
the Walrus said.

"To talk of many things."
"Of shoes and ships
and sealing wax."

"Of cabbages and kings."
"And why the sea
is boiling hot."

"And whether
pigs have wings."'

- Do you have any wings?
- Yeah.

Let me see.
Crap? No, no.
This stuff is beyond crap.
This is what crap wants
to be when it grows up.

Listen to this.
"A Question Corner
by Marion Hawthorne.

"Horse riding,
for those who can afford it

"is a very wonderful sport.
"Every weekend,
my father takes me riding

and we laugh together
as we ride."

Does she mention
her mom pays for dork lessons?

Man, once that
disintegration ray
is complete... bzzt!

She's molecular toast.
- Oh, yeah.
- Oh, yeah.

Mom and Dad's night out.
Me and Golly's night in.
What's that smell?
German bratwurst.

We hate bratwurst.
I love bratwurst.
Since when?
I'll get it!
No. No, no. I will get it.
I'll get it! I'll get it!
I'll get it!

I'll get it!
I'll get it! I'll get it!

I said I'll get it
and I mean
I'll get it.

- I got it!
- No.

I'll get it!
Good evening, Katherine.
The veggie thief.
Harriet Ann Welsch,
Mr. George Waldenstein.
How do you do?
I've seen him around.
Bet he stole that pineapple.