Harriet the Spy

Hey, you cheated.
Oh, you win.
My congratulations.
Yeah, well, I know some stuff.
So, you're
a delivery boy?
Well, no offense, but, uh,
you're like, what, 45?

Shouldn't you be
a delivery man by now?

Well, Harriet, I'll tell you.
Not long ago,
I had another life.

I had a big business,
I had a lot of money,

and you know what?
I was the most
miserable man alive.

So, one day,
I told my wife that...

- Wife?
- I told my wife that I

wanted to start all over
again and if she wanted to,

she could start all over
with me.

So what happened?
Oh, she left me, but that's
all right, that was her choice.

My choice was to become
a delivery boy... well, man.

I don't have the
business, of course.

I don't have the money.
You know what?
My life is sweet again.
The wurst!
Oh, no! My wurst!
No, no!
Oh, Lord.
Oh, no. No.
Don't be sad, Katherine.
This is a blessing
in disguise.

That's a pretty
good disguise.

Don't you see?
The three of us
have to go out for dinner.

- No.
- Yeah!

Yes, dinner and a movie!
Movie, movie, movie!
Come on, Golly!

The idea seems
popular enough.

Yes, but the Welschs...
Will be out.
Till million o'clock!
- Oh, please, Golly.
- Please, oh, please?

Oh, please, please,
please, oh, please.

Oh, please, please, please.
What the heck.