Harriet the Spy

Absolutely not.
Absolutely, no.
I mean, I think we were
talking about...

our feelings out there.
You were afraid
and-and-and now

what we should
be focusing on, right?

Is-is Harriet.
Look, I'm sorry.
- I lost my head out there.
- Look. There.

- No, no.
- I was just...

but you can't go...
I mean, we need you.

Harriet would never
stand for it.

Please, won't
you reconsider?

You know, it's not about
what happened
outside tonight.

It really isn't.
But Golly...
I just... no, I think it's time.
I really do.

Harriet can take care of herself
now, so she should.

But Harriet's just...
She's just a little girl.
You know, it's the right thing.
It's the right thing
for all of us...

for me, for you
and for Harriet.

Are you sure?
Yeah, I am.
"'The time has come,"
the Walrus said,"

"To talk of many things...
"Of shoes and ships
and sealing wax..."

"Of cabbages and kings...
"And why the sea
is boiling hot...

And whether pigs have wings."
Where you going to go?
Well, I don't really know.
I'm thinking I may travel.
Are you going to go be
some other kid's nanny now?

And love them more than you?
Remember, in my life,
in this world

there will always
only be one Harriet.