If Lucy Fell

That if we didn´t have
wonderful, intimate relationships...

with serious familial possibilities
by the time you turned 30...

we´d kill ourselves.
I´m happy to be an adult and not have
to suffer painful nights like that.

That was pretty bad.
Can you believe a death pact?
I know.
How old are you now anyway?
Like... 26, 27?
No, 29.
When´s your birthday?
November 20th?
March first.
We have one month to go.

We are disgruntled people,
dissatisfied with our present lives.

We should kill ourselves
to get ourselves going.

I´m going.
I don´t need to die.

No, you´re not going, Joe. And neither
am I. The world is a scary place.

And you´re the scariest thing in it
so I must go away from you now.

We can´t waste any more time.

You must meet someone by age 30...
so you´re together a few years
and you know you have staying power...

so you don´t mess up children
with divorce.

That makes you 33
when you have your first kid.

Then you don´t hit menopause
until that child is at college.

Any other plan is a disaster.
That´s why we had a pact.

- Come on!
- We´re coming!

You stay there, kids.
we both believe in God
and reincarnation.

Of course.
So why bother playing out a sad life?

Divorce, unhappy children,
unrealized ambitions.

If we don´t hit it in 28 days,
we just end it.

Let God start fresh with us. It´s
selfish of us to think any other way.

Come on, Lucy!
Don´t listen to her anymore.
She´s no longer stable.

- Shut up, Joe!
- Be quiet.