If Lucy Fell

And you´re the scariest thing in it
so I must go away from you now.

We can´t waste any more time.

You must meet someone by age 30...
so you´re together a few years
and you know you have staying power...

so you don´t mess up children
with divorce.

That makes you 33
when you have your first kid.

Then you don´t hit menopause
until that child is at college.

Any other plan is a disaster.
That´s why we had a pact.

- Come on!
- We´re coming!

You stay there, kids.
we both believe in God
and reincarnation.

Of course.
So why bother playing out a sad life?

Divorce, unhappy children,
unrealized ambitions.

If we don´t hit it in 28 days,
we just end it.

Let God start fresh with us. It´s
selfish of us to think any other way.

Come on, Lucy!
Don´t listen to her anymore.
She´s no longer stable.

- Shut up, Joe!
- Be quiet.

Thank you.
Okay, who´s first?

I think... Eddy.
I like this guy Billy,
but I´m too afraid to talk to him.

Send him a note and tell him exactly
how you feel. Twenty cents, please.

Okay, I´ll take it in a second.
Let´s see.
Who might be next?

Sam, please.
I left a tooth under my pillow and
the tooth fairy only left a quarter.

You go to your mother,
and you say, " Mommy...

if this is all the tooth fairy can
afford, she needs it more than I do."

Fifteen cents, please.
I can´t believe you take their money.
They like giving it to me.
It makes them feel like adults.

All right, kids, class time!
You have therapy now?
Thank God.
Come on, you little creeps!
Get in there! Get in...

you nutty kids!