If Lucy Fell

Thank you.
Okay, who´s first?

I think... Eddy.
I like this guy Billy,
but I´m too afraid to talk to him.

Send him a note and tell him exactly
how you feel. Twenty cents, please.

Okay, I´ll take it in a second.
Let´s see.
Who might be next?

Sam, please.
I left a tooth under my pillow and
the tooth fairy only left a quarter.

You go to your mother,
and you say, " Mommy...

if this is all the tooth fairy can
afford, she needs it more than I do."

Fifteen cents, please.
I can´t believe you take their money.
They like giving it to me.
It makes them feel like adults.

All right, kids, class time!
You have therapy now?
Thank God.
Come on, you little creeps!
Get in there! Get in...

you nutty kids!
I have nothing to say.
Don´t you think
that this whole process...

is about getting to
your feelings of ambivalence?

What I say isn´t important.
It´s what you say.

I´m sure that´s what you think,
but I have nothing to say...

and I think we´re out of time.
All right...
I might have something to say.
Maybe you can say it next week.
Thanks, Lucy.
- You´re welcome.
- You´ve been a big help.