If Lucy Fell

People with heads like balloons and
eyes in the middle of their faces?

Very nice.

A tough one for our expert over there.
Gauguin. Emily.

That gross guy who sent his ear
to his brother and then killed himself.

No, that was Van Gogh,
Gauguin´s friend.

Pair up, you little munchkins,
and start painting.

Come with me.
I called again.
I can´t believe I called again...

making my lover my authoritarian
parental scapegoat thus digressing...

in my analysis.
This clear, sort of
Edwardian mystical martyrdom that I...

Did you just yawn?
Am I boring you?
I´m so sorry my problems bore you, Lucy.
Yes, you do bore me, Ted.
This story bores me.

Every week for an hour
it´s the same thing:

"I didn´t want to call. He made me
feel like shit, but I called."

It bores me.
It bores me too.
This ultimate...
Faustian prison.
I want to stop.
Why the hell do you think I see you?

Maybe you´re bored.
I look at the phone.
I stare at the phone.

Then I pick up the phone.
I feel I am the phone.

I am imprisoned by the phone,
therefore I am a prison...

with the phone as my...