If Lucy Fell

Hey, Al.
How´re you doing, buddy?

- Is she in there?
- No.

- You saw her go in.
- No, I didn´t.

I´m going to talk to her.
- I heard that before.
- You are my best friend.

- I love you.
- I love you too.

Eat shit.
Okay, here we go.
- Good.
- How you been?

- Good. And you?
- Fine. Long time no see.

Just talk to her.
You just got to fucking talk to her!

- What´s ginseng for?
- They is for men.

- What does it do?
- You know.

What does it do for women?
You just walk over
and you talk to the woman.

It´s not a big production.
It doesn´t have to be dramatic.

You just walk over and you...
And you die, you walk over
and you die because she´s so...

- See you.
- Thanks, guys. Have a good one.

It´s bad.
Shut up.
I said I´d kill myself up here
with you in three weeks.