If Lucy Fell

- Good. And you?
- Fine. Long time no see.

Just talk to her.
You just got to fucking talk to her!

- What´s ginseng for?
- They is for men.

- What does it do?
- You know.

What does it do for women?
You just walk over
and you talk to the woman.

It´s not a big production.
It doesn´t have to be dramatic.

You just walk over and you...
And you die, you walk over
and you die because she´s so...

- See you.
- Thanks, guys. Have a good one.

It´s bad.
Shut up.
I said I´d kill myself up here
with you in three weeks.

You could at least do my picnic.
Let´s get used to the place.
What if people see us?
I hate this. I´m freezing. I´m cold.

I think if we jump, people will see.
Do you know what I mean?
Hot chocolate?

You were saying you spoke toJane?
Yes, I did.
Really? What´d she say?
Nothing. She´d left the deli.
It was close, Lucy.
I don´t know what I was thinking.
I thought of the genius plan.

What´s that?
I invite her to my opening. She comes.
She sees how huge I am. She´s mine.

That´s very sweet.
You know me, baby.
- This is nice.
- Thank you.

It´s pretty.
- Would you drink my spit?
- Come on!

Can you take your weird survey
somewhere else, please?