If Lucy Fell

Tell me about your date.
He was nice.
A perfect gentleman.

He took me to dinner
and dessert and capuccino and...

then he walked me home and...
And then he...
He went into the bathroom and
didn´t come out for a very long time.

He went into the bathroom and...
he didn´t come out for a long time.
Like how long?
How long was he in there? An hour?

Like, 20 minutes maybe.
Go ahead.
Come on. Go ahead.

It was nothing.
It was just strange.

What happened in our bathroom
last night? Did you hear noises?

He just went to the bathroom,
that´s all. It just seemed odd to me.

He went to the bathroom?
Yes, that´s all.
See? Just weird.

What, number two?
I don´t want to talk about this!
He took some stanky shit
in our bathroom?

Is that what you mean?
That man took you out to dinner...

bought you a capuccino and walked
you home, perfect gentleman...

went into our house, into our bathroom,
stayed there an hour...

taking a foul-smelling shit
and then just left?

That is so disgusting.
I can´t believe that.

God! What is that?
I mean, what is that about?
Was he, like, trying to leave his mark?