If Lucy Fell

You don´t know what this is?
You don´t?
That´s menu!
That´s menu!

No, no, not menu, no.
All right, go ahead. Fine!
What? Don´t wave at me.
I´m in another league here.
I´m in another league.
What are you doing?
Run normal!
This would be the path
where normal people run!

The weird triathlete training complex
is somewhere else! Okay!

Run normal here!
Get off my path!
Get off it!

Oh, pretty fast.
Run around the block?
Don´t you think I could run that fast
if I ran around the fucking block?

Why don´t you try running 15 miles?
See how fast you run that!

Suntan lotion! Got to look good
for the big date tonight!

Get off! I´ll shoot you
in the face if you don´t stop now!

Get off of me, you maniac!
- Got to look sexy for the girl!
- Get out of here!